Aerstone is a 10-year single malt whisky produced by William Grant & Sons, an independent Scottish company.

The brand's range offers two SKU, Aerstone Sea Cask and Aerstone Land Cask.

Aerstone Sea Cask is a smooth and soft classic single malt Scottish whisky with a nutty taste and floral vanilla background, matured in warehouses situated right by the sea – that gives the whisky’s finish a hint of sea salt.

Aerstone Land Cask is a rich and smoky single malt whisky. The malting of barley occurs with a touch of peat from the Scottish Highlands, this whisky matures deep inside the mainland of Scotland.

Aerstone whisky is perfect for drinking neat or in cocktails.


Aersone Land Cask
Aersone Land Cask
Aerstone Sea Cask
Aerstone Sea Cask

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