Amaro Montenegro

The world-renowned liqueur Amaro Montenegro dates back to 1885 when the Italian Stanislao Cobianchi established a small liqueur company in Bologna in Northern Italy. The drink recipe was refined and improved over ten years.
The term “amaro” is used in Italy to describe herbal liqueurs: Amaro Montenegro, for one, contains 40 different herbs.

"Monte negro" is the Italian for "black mountain," and this is where the name of the country Montenegro comes from. Amaro Montenegro was named in honor of Princess Elena of Montenegro, who in 1896, the year the liqueur was created, married the Italian king Victor Emmanuel III. This was also when the shape of the bottle was designed, with its fine curved lines remaining unchanged to this day.

Amaro Montenegro has been a success at industry exhibitions and has repeatedly received high global ratings. In 1921, Gabriele d’Annunzio, the famous 20th-century Italian poet, called it "the spirit of virtues."

Amaro Montenegro can be drunk straight or with ice and combined with tonic or coffee.


Amaro Montenegro
Amaro Montenegro

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