Our background

1999 – foundation of the Synergy Group. The goal is to excel every other company in the industry in all respects: quality and product range, manufacturing process, business scale.


2002 – acquisition of the first distillery enterprise – the Ussuriysky Balsam Plant. Over the next 5 years, the company acquires 5 more plants, becoming one of the largest players in the Russian spirits market.


2007 – acquisition of Beluga and Belenkaya brands. Successful entry to the initial public offering of its own shares on the stock exchange, capitalization of more than $ 1 billion.


2008 – launch of the Beluga brand to the markets of European countries and the USA, where the company opens its first foreign representative office. Adding the Myagkov brand to the portfolio.


2010 – confident entering the top three Russian alcohol market leaders with a production volume of more than 140 million liters of beverages.


2011 – signing of an exclusive agreement with William Grant & Sons for the distribution of its products. And later – with Camus Cognac House and a number of other well-known international manufacturers. Building its own unique distribution network, which now employs more than 3,500 employees.


2013 – conclusion of new contracts in North America. Beluga brand’s entering the Chinese market.
Launching its own whisky Fox & Dogs, and then a group of brandies ― Bastion, Le Lion de Pierre, liqueurs Doctor August in Russia. Opening of the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in Vladivostok. Zarya Center is a non-profit institution that seeks to promote the achievements of contemporary culture in Russia and beyond, while supporting local aspiring artists in Vladivostok. The center is designed to serve as an independent platform for the development of creative ideas on the local level, through a productive dialogue with the leading international professionals in the fields of contemporary art, design, architecture, cinematography, literature, theater, music and new media.


2014-2015 – the expansion of the imported brands portfolio with new categories, among which are tequila, rum, gin from outstanding international producers. Allocation of wine import into a separate business area and presentation of the wine collection on the market from producers from France, Spain, Italy, Chile and South Africa. The opening of the first WineLab retail stores.


2016 – becoming one of the top three Russian brandy producers, while remaining No. 1 in the vodka market. Signing of a unique agreement with Bacardi on bottling William Lawson's whisky at its own production sites. Presentation of bitters – Berry Hunting Beluga and Beluga Hunting Herbal. The top of the brands’ creation process is the release of a limited unique product Beluga Epicure by Lalique.

2017 – BELUGA GROUP is the leader in the Russian market for the production of vodka, alcoholic beverages and whisky and among the top brandy producers. Impressive results in import – sales of the partner brands have doubled, the wine import increased by 86%. The expansion of the cooperation with Bacardi, the launch of another product – a drink based on whisky William Lawson's Super Spiced. Renaming from Synergy company to BELUGA GROUP and a large-scale rebranding.


2018 – the acquisition of the Villa Romanov winery in Taman added a new line of business – the production of premium wines from its own vineyards.  

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