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1999 ― foundation of the Synergy Group. The goal is to dominate the industry in all respects—that is, the quality and range of products, production technologies, and business scale.

2002 ― acquisition of the first distillery enterprise ― the Ussuriysky Balsam Factory. Over the next five years, five more factories are added to the production unit, making the company one of the largest players in the Russian spirits market.

2007 ― acquisition of Beluga and Belenkaya brands. Successfully holds its IPO, with its market capitalization exceeding USD 1 billion.

2008 ― launch of the Beluga brand to the markets of European countries and the USA, where the company opens its first foreign representative office. Adding the Myagkov brand to the portfolio.

2010 ― entering the Top–3 Russian alcohol market leaders with a production volume of more than 140 million liters of beverages.

2011 ― signing of an exclusive agreement with William Grant & Sons for the distribution of its products. And later ― with Camus cognac house and a number of other renowned international manufacturers. Building its own unique distribution network, which now employs more than 2,000 employees.

2013 ― conclusion of new contracts in North America. Beluga enters the Chinese market. Launching its own Fox & Dogs whisky, and then a group of brandies ― Bastion, Le Lion de Pierre, liqueurs Doctor August in Russia. Foundation of the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art in Vladivostok as part of the company's initiative. The center is a platform for promoting the best of art from Russia and beyond, providing support to the local artist community.

2014–2015 ― the expansion of the imported brands range with new categories, including tequila, rum, and gin from prominent international producers. The turning of wine distribution into a separate business division, launching collections of wines from France, Spain, Italy, Chile and South Africa in the market. The opening of the first WineLab retail stores.

2016 ― becoming one of the Top–3 Russian brandy producers, retaining its lead in the vodka market. Signing of a unique agreement with Bacardi on bottling William Lawson's whisky at its own production facility. Presentation of bitters ― Berry Hunting Beluga and Beluga Hunting Herbal. The top of the brands’ creation process is the release of a limited product Beluga Epicure by Lalique.

2017 ― BELUGA GROUP is the leader in the Russian market for the production of vodka, alcoholic beverages and whisky and among the top brandy producers. Imports grow rapidly: sales of the partner brands double, wine division expands by 86%. As part of its growing partnership with Bacardi, the company starts producing yet another beverage at its facilities, based on William Lawson’s Super Spiced whiskey. Synergy undergoes corporate rebranding and becomes BELUGA GROUP.

2018 ― the purchasing of Golubitskoe Estate winery in Taman added a new line of business ― the production of premium wines from its own vineyards. The company continues adding new categories to its business, rolling out the production of Troublemaker Irish whiskey and Green Baboon gin. The group expands its key brand lines and becomes a Top–3 brandy producer in Russia. The following international brands join the imported wine portfolio: Masi Agricola, Frescobaldi Group, Billecart-Salmon, Gérard Bertrand, and Familia Torres.

2019 ― Golubitskoe Estate premium still wines and Eagle's Rock bourbon are introduced to the market. Beluga enjoys the best results in its history, selling its products in over 100 countries and in 264 airports around the world. The group signs a contract for the exclusive distribution of premium RIEDEL glasses. BELUGA GROUP becomes one of the Top-3 importers of spirits and wines in Russia. WineLab becomes the second biggest player in Russian alcohol retail. December 29, 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of BELUGA GROUP.

2020 ― the group presents new products: a collection of premium sparkling wines Tête de Cheval, vodkas Orthodox and PARKA. The import portfolio is replenished with Noi cognac, Mateus, Silk & Spice, JP. Chenet and Trivento wines, Sandeman port, Fireball Whiskey Liqueur and Early Times whiskey. The company is included in the Forbes rating "200 largest private companies in Russia", becoming the only alcohol company represented in the list.

2021 — the company performs a secondary public offering (SPO), raising RUB 5.6 billion. The group acquires a controlling stake in Chugunovsky Ethanol Plant and signs exclusive distribution agreements with Rémy Cointreau, De Kuyper Royal Distillers, and Southern Comfort. The company opens its 1,000th WineLab store in December. Beluga shows double-digit growth; its sales abroad exceed domestic sales for the first time. The company issues its first sustainability report and introduces ESG principles into its operations.

2022 — the group adds 30+ promising brands from France, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, and other countries to its import portfolio. A customs warehouse opens in Istra. The WineLab retail chain grows by 35% and launches a points-based loyalty program in addition to its discount one. The program reaches 5.9 million members.

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