Our past, our heritage means much more for us than just dates and numbers. For us, it is about production standards, centuries-long business traditions, unique recipes and professional dynasties which passed their discoveries and beverage manufacturing skills from generation to generation. Some of BELUGA GROUP distilleries represent an entire era, and sometimes that era is more than one century long.

For example, Mariinsky Distillery was founded in 1900. It was then called Mariinsky State Wine Cellar. Now, 117 years later, it is a modern manufacturing site that has preserved its charming heritage buildings and has channelled its vast experience to create new products, including our flagship product, super-premium BELUGA vodka.

Arkhangelsk Distillery is also among the oldest in BELUGA GROUP. It was founded in 1898 by order of Sergei Witte, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire. Its one-hundred-year-old fermenting vessels have become its brand image and inspired our professionals to create a high-class Arkhangelskaya Severnaya Vyderzhka vodka brand.

Khabarovsk Distillery is another BELUGA GROUP distillery with a remarkable past. On 16 May 1878, Ivan Khlebnikov, a bourgeois from Yelabuga, a city in Vyatka gubernia, came to Khabarovsk town. In September of the same year he produced home-made wine from local wild grapes. In the next year, Ivan Khlebnikov obtained local officials’ approval, paid the excise duty and started selling wine. The 1890 tax records tell us that by then his annual production had grown to two thousand buckets.

An event that took place a little later became a genuine triumph. In May 1891, Khlebnikov’s wine was presented and offered to Crown Prince Nicholas Romanov. The Prince tasted the wine and granted the Crown’s approval to it. Mr. Khlebnikov, the wine manufacturer, was awarded with a monogram decorated with many diamonds. By the way, such tradition of remarkable achievements and awards has continued ever since.

This is how our heritage was born; many other BELUGA GROUP distilleries greatly contributed to it as well. Each of our manufacturing sites carefully preserves its own discoveries and recipes and keeps them alive by using them in its daily effort to create and produce highest-quality products.

Every one of our manufacturing sites has highly skilled and dedicated staff; some of the employees today are second or third generation of our distillery personnel whose total family staff record is often more than 40 or 50 years long. It is due to their experience and traditions that have been passed through generations that we have succeeded to preserve not only unique technologies and recipes but also our product range and quality. These people’s contribution to our Group’s culture and history simply cannot be overestimated.

At BELUGA GROUP, we take pride in our past and in our present that create our future. People who are committed to their trade are the link that brings different eras together. 

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