Corporate responsibility

Arts and Culture Projects

A vital area of BELUGA GROUP’s activity is taking part in new and important community projects. One of the projects is Zarya Modern Arts Centre in Vladivostok, which was founded and has been funded by our Group.

Zarya Center is a non-profit organization established to promote the best achievements of Russian and world’s modern culture in Vladivostok and support local young artists. The Center is intended to become an independent platform for the development of creative ideas through effective dialogue with the world’s leading masters in the field of contemporary art, design, architecture, cinema, literature, theatre, music, and new media.

Zarya Centre is a non-profit organisation created to promote the best pieces of Russian and international modern arts in Vladivostok and to support local young artists. This Centre’s purpose is to become an independent platform that shall facilitate development of creative ideas by engaging into active exchange with prominent international professionals of modern arts, creative design, architecture, cinema, literature, theatre, music and new media. Projects undertaken by Zarya Modern Arts Centre have explored new ways of interaction between the artists and the public: various performances, open studios, interactive installations, art therapy sessions and work-in-progress projects. All these forms seek to foster active perception habits among the public and to motivate young artists to keep searching for their own unique creative style among contemporary worldwide trends.

The Centre’s exhibition programme focuses on several key elements. One of the elements consists of mobile, small-size art pieces which are often packed in suitcases by their famous creators and travel with them in order to be seen by most remote audiences. Another element consists of large-scale site-specific installations whose authors recreate them anew at each site they visit by using materials that are available to them.

Zarya Centre’s educational programme includes lectures on history and theory of modern arts, clothing and accessories design, creative writing, drama, music and other creative industries. It also includes art and documentary film screenings in original languages (with subtitles) and the annual An Artist Focus Series project in which the most significant video art pieces from all over the world are screened. This project was initiated by Zarya Centre together with Artprojx Cinema.

Alcohol and society

Since uncontrolled consumption of alcohol products entails certain risks of serious diseases, we believe that strong alcohol drinks should be marketed responsibly. The Group’s product marketing and distribution activity targets, first and foremost, adult consumers and takes into account all aspects related to alcohol abuse. l.

We never promote drinking; instead, we offer quality products to adult consumers who have already made their informed choice in favour of a product made by our Company or are about to do so. BELUGA GROUP’s marketing activity fully complies with the requirements of the Russian law. In addition, our Company closely cooperates with Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation and takes part in development and implementation of joint initiatives to facilitate a general improvement of drinking culture and to establish a civilised and productive cooperation between the market players. (Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation website:

We believe that consumers have the right to receive accurate information about distillery products available to them, including information about health risks related to consumption of such products. Therefore, all advertising and marketing materials that concern the Group’s distillery products invariably contain not only data on the product’s ingredients, shelf life and manufacturing date but also include information to warn the consumers about harmful effects of alcohol abuse.

Our Charitable Activities

At BELUGA GROUP, we believe that charity is part of our Company’s mandatory activity and that our charitable efforts must be carried out systematically and must benefit specific people or projects. We never use our charitable activities as a means to promote our products. None of our charity projects is ever used as coverage or advertising opportunity. Moreover, BELUGA GROUP does everything to ensure that the ultimate beneficiaries of our charity projects do not associate the aid they receive with the Company’s alcohol brands.

Our Care for the Environment

We comply with all requirements of the Russian environmental law and always endeavour to minimise the negative environmental impact of our manufacturing facilities and the waste they generate. BELUGA GROUP’s priority objectives related to environment protection include ensuring that no natural resources are wasted in the Company, increasing our energy efficiency and making our industrial waste more recyclable.

Our manufacturing process uses a considerable amount of limited natural resources, such as water and hydrocarbon fuel. We do everything to ensure that these resources are used with maximum efficiency. Resource saving is important to us not only for ethical but also for economic reasons: it is a vital part of our general cost management system. Our Group is continuously engaged in revamping our manufacturing facilities, and this activity includes installation of water and exhaust air treatment facilities, as well as process monitoring systems to prevent pollution of the environment at our distilleries.

Our Responsible HR Policy

BELUGA GROUP employees are our main asset and the guarantee of our future success. This is why we put a special emphasis on implementing an ethical and socially responsible HR policy. Staff incentives, unbiased evaluation of each employee’s professional contribution, talent support and development, creating space for our employees’ professional growth and fulfilment are among the key objectives of our HR policy.

Our Company is committed to equal opportunities principle. We want to make sure that any career advancement results from workplace achievements, professional skills, valuable experience, personal initiative and responsible attitude.